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BIOGUARD FEED YEAST is a dry yeast product which is made by specially cultured fresh yeast after being squeezed and dehydrated to maintain strong fermentation ability. Squeezing yeast into a thin or small ball shape, the use of low humidity circulating air through the fluidized bed continuous drying, so that the final fermentation of water up to 8%, and maintain the yeast fermentation capacity.

Living cfu/g 20billion
Moisture% 10 max
Cell viability% 90min
Application animal feed additives
Shelf life 24months
Package 10kg
Product Advantage: 
Optimize natural yeast strains, high survival rate in the animal, high activity, high purity, strong activity, can withstand gastric acid environment, adaptability, not sensitive to antibiotics. Dissolution, dispersion, and suspension are good.

Action mechanism: 
Create anaerobic conditions in digestive tract, regulate gastrointestinal pH and microenvironment, secrete protease, amylase and lipase, improve digestion and absorption rate of feed, enrich B vitamins, promote secretion of digestive fluid and intestinal peristalsis

1.Provide protein, amino acid, microbial and vitamins to the poultry animals

2.Promote the growth of immune organs and therefore strengthen the immunity

3.Help the digestion of animals and speed up the secretion of digestive enzyme.

4.Stabilize the PH value through the restructuring of stomach bacteria

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