AquaFarm 2019

13/02/2019 - 14/02/2019 Exhibition Center (Venice Area) Italy

AquaFarm, the third edition of the International conference and trade show event dedicated to the technologies, products and best practices of sustainable production of fish, will be held on 13 and 14 February 2019 at the Exhibition Center of Pordenone.

AQUAFARM 2019 is an International two-day event dedicated to and reserved for operators of the Euro-Mediterranean sustainable aquaculture industry, one of the food production activities with the highest growth rate worldwide, which supplies 46% of the total amount of fish consumed and is exceeding deep sea fishing as a source of supply. Moreover, using sustainability criteria, aquaculture could become the most advantageous zoo technical activity with regards to the relationship between foodstuff used and product obtained.

The event will provide the opportunity to meet the operators involved in the industry – from breeding, processing and transformation up to distribution and consumption – with the chance to meet demand and offer, professional updating and networking.

AquaFarm 2019, phiên bản thứ ba của sự kiện Hội nghị và triển lãm thương mại quốc tế dành riêng cho các công nghệ, sản phẩm và thực hành tốt nhất trong sản xuất cá bền vững.

AquaFarm 2019 là một sự kiện quốc tế kéo dài hai ngày dành riêng cho các nhà khai thác của ngành thủy sản bền vững Euro-Địa Trung Hải.